Foreman Homes

The Brief

Foreman Homes has grown rapidly over the last few years to be one of the region’s largest and most recognised privately-owned house builders.

Throughout the 25 years since the company was founded, each development, regardless of size or style, has been created with a clear vision at its heart. Foreman is committed to providing good quality, affordable homes for their customers through responsible development, dedicated to the improvement of the local infrastructure, respect for the environment and commitment to high levels of customer care.

Foreman contacted Vivid Solar Street Lighting to work with them on a joint venture between Vestal Developments and Foreman Homes, with the affordable homes being provided by Vivid.

The Solution

Foreman’s respect for the environment meant that carbon neutrality was extremely important and solar street lighting was key to helping them reduce their carbon footprint on this development of 242 homes at Alton in Hampshire.

The solar light of choice was the Helios from Vivid Solar Street Lighting, chosen for its reliability, and large solar panels and high-capacity batteries which enable the lights to work throughout the winter months.

Designed in the UK and vigorously tested, they have been proven time and time again to work from dusk to dawn anywhere in the UK. Manufactured to the highest level they have a service life of 100,000 hours, the battery system has a warranty of 5 years and the solar panels 10 years.

Furthermore, the lights can be programmed and set to different parameters depending on requirements, they can be set to come on at dusk for a period or to come on all night, many options are available. They can be supplied with a remote-control unit which will allow the end user to make any changes on site.

The Outcome

The lights were installed in one step, no need to dig extra trenches, lay cables and backfill leading to a considerable saving on installation. The modern design of the lights fit in very well with the modern look of the development, lighting the streets and approach roads, the light’s design means there is no light leakage into homes or gardens but spread evenly on the pavements and approach roads.

In addition, there is no need to increase power capacity in the area, there are no running costs to solar streetlights once installed. With the continued increase in fossil fuel prices, solar streetlights are the way forward to saving money and reducing Carbon Footprint.